II U-23 Baseball World Cup

2018-10-19 - 2018-10-28

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II U-23 Baseball World Cup - Official Payoff

Mexico earns date with Venezuela in Final of Pan Am U-23 Baseball Championship 2017


Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico to battle for bronze

PANAMA CITY, Panama – Either No. 6 Mexico or No. 9 Venezuela will be crowned the inaugural U-23 baseball champion of the Americas tomorrow, Sunday, 3 December.

Arriving to Sunday’s medal round of the inaugural Pan American U-23 Baseball Championship, Mexico, Venezuela, No. 11 Puerto Rico and No. 16 Dominican Republic have earned tickets to the WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup 2018.

Venezuela swept the Super Round, closing with a 5-3 knockout win over host Panama. The win not only knocked No. 15 Panama out of tournament, but also the WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup 2018.

Mexico earned the date in the final with Venezuela, with Panama’s loss and beating Cuba, 6-3, on the last day of the Super Round. Mexico finished tied with Dominican Republic, but had the head-to-head advantage.

Venezuela beat Mexico, 14-3, in their Super Round contest. Venezuela’s roster features players from Major League Baseball organizations, while Mexico’s roster is predominantly filled with young talent from Mexico’s top-tier professional league, the Liga Mexicana de Beisbol (LMB).

Bronze Medal Game

Rivals No. 16 Dominican Republic and No. 11 Puerto Rico will battle for the bronze. In their Super Round contest, Dominican Republic topped Puerto Rico, 10-5, to nearly knock Puerto Rico out of the competition, but Puerto Rico avoided elimination thanks to Panama’s loss in the last game of the Super Round.

Both Puerto Rico and Panama finished the Super Round tied with 2-3 records, but Puerto Rico had the advantage of a head-to-head victory over Panama.

Super Round Final Standings

  1. VEN 5-0
  2. MEX 3-2
  3. DOM 3-2
  4. PUR 2-3
  5. PAN 2-3
  6. CUB 0-5